A walk through Diverland to learn while having fun

If you want to spend an entertaining time with your children while learning about healthy habits I recommend A walk through Diverland, a digital resource Very interesting online.

It is part of the LUDOS Project, an educational resource developed through the Internet Agreement in the Classroom, between the Ministry of Education and the autonomous communities, which deals with contents of Physical Education structured in each of the cycles of Primary Education.

We focus on discovering the possibilities of Diverland, intended for students in the first cycle of Primary, from five years, but we can also see the resources for second and third cycle.

In Diverland we find several sections that correspond to different games and in which we learn to tidy up a gym, we solve mazes to reach the fruit, we order sequences, we join points and we even enter a fair to discover multiple games and in a circus To become wizards and keep playing.

I really liked the different sections and the children are entertained, they have to learn to handle the mouse or the arrows, even write some words... But there is sound and the different characters are helping to understand how to solve or move forward in each game, giving instructions.

On few occasions the children themselves have to read simple instructional texts themselves to continue, thus practicing reading comprehension. But we can help you, even with children under the age of five and our help the tour of Divertiland is very interesting.

Anyway, as we often like to remember, this is just one more resource that can serve us at any given time, but if we really want our children to learn healthy habits, it is best to put them into practice, which is also very fun. So do not get up from the couch and play, move and play sports "offline."

You know, an entertaining and educational walk through Diverland for five year olds or smaller with your help. And if you have older children, you can enter the world of Moviland and Ludoland, also of the Ludos project, destined for the other Primary cycles.

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