Dads and moms blogs: refugee children, the dreaded-expected return to school and more

Today, as every Tuesday, we review the most interesting thing that has been read in some of the parents and moms blogs that we can find on the net. We have found very diverse topics that have caught our attention. We started with I am not a mother drama where Carmen tells us about the day they took a refugee, telling us a story of solidarity and friendship that she lived in her childhood in the wake of the tremendous refugee crisis that these days hits our consciences.

Pregnant fashion summer 2014: cool and comfortable sleepwear

We all like to look beautiful when we go out, but we must also pay attention to the clothes we use to sleep. In the summer months bet on pajamas, nightgowns and lingerie to sleep comfortable, fresh and with light fabrics. Many maternity sleepwear is also useful for breastfeeding months, so it is a way to give your nightgown or pajamas a double life.

Girls can also be scientific: how to motivate them to love science

Today, February 11 marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This initiative, which only has three years of life, aims to give visibility to the work of women scientists, promote scientific vocations in girls and help close the gender gap in science. Because although studies show that it is not true that women are not good at science, reality says otherwise: women are very poorly represented in careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Unnecessary practices in childbirth?

We were talking precisely about the circumstances in which the delivery care does not meet the real medical needs and unnecessary practices are carried out in the delivery. I leave this interesting video that explains these issues. In it we can listen to midwife Inma Marcos, one of the pioneers in the care of natural childbirth in Spain and Dr. Enriqueta Barranco, who explains very well to a mother her intervened birth.

The fifth was the charm! They had quintuplets after undergoing five fertility treatments

After undergoing four fertility treatments, they decided to try one more time and the fifth was the charm for Briana and Jordan Driskell, a Kentucky couple who just welcomed their five babies (three girls and two boys) born last 2 May with 28 weeks gestation. The quintuplets were conceived through fertility treatment after the couple tried to become parents for two exhausting years.

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Intimate hygiene in girls

Infant body hygiene is a matter that parents take care of, although as children grow older they acquire some autonomy. Correct body hygiene is important for the development of health, and when the diaper is removed, the cleaning of the genitals should not be neglected.

Kikuyu, a pretty scarf to carry the baby

A few days ago we commented that the use of the baby's cart should be necessary, without abuse, since the experience of carrying the baby is beneficial and highly recommended for both the newborn and the parents. Kikuyu is a scarf with allows us to take the baby "in tow." Thus, he feels safe and potent by being in contact with mom or dad, and parents can do everyday activities with comfort and feel their child close.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a sport of too much contact

The mixed martial arts, also known by its acronym in English MMA, are a contact sport, if you can call it with kicks and punches, which incorporates blows and techniques from a variety of other combat disciplines . MMA is one of the most booming sports in the United States and Canada, so much so that it is even practiced by five-year-old children, which in my view makes Mixed Martial Arts a "sport" of too much contact.

A trip to the heart of the editorial production of textbooks with Santillana

The work of making textbooks every year for all schoolchildren in Spain is what can be seen below in the video made by Santillana. And with the return to school students return to class to start a new school year, marked in 2014 by the entry into force of the LOMCE, which premieres in 1st, 3rd and 5th Primary and in 1st FP Basic

Tips to prevent the loss of children

Unfortunately, the theft and loss of children is a daily reality. In some countries it is more frequent than in others, but in any case it is a ghost that stalks us to those of us who have children and we cannot let our guard down because we believe that "these things do not happen here". Many of you will have experienced the situation of losing sight of a child in a supermarket, in a store or in a busy place.

A good idea: recycle the boxes of wipes to save everything

The boxes of wipes is something that with young children we can accumulate and not know what to do with them. Therefore, before throwing them we give you a good idea to make them useful again: recycle them to save everything, such as waxes, paintings, small toys, letters, or whatever you want. He doesn't have much science, just have to give him a little imagination and children can even do it with your help.

Original tablecloths for children full of English vocabulary

They have sent us to Peques and More information from the studio of illustrators and designers of Canals and Castro. It is a fun individual tablecloths for children that have the characteristic that they are full of English vocabulary so that the children approach this language in a simple and surprising way.

High intellectual abilities and ADHD: why do both diagnoses sometimes get confused?

The end of the school year is just around the corner, and the month of June is usually a month of tutoring and meetings with our children's teachers to take stock of the year that ends. In this regard, a friend told me the other day quite worried, that in her school she had been told that her son has passed the course "quite scattered" and "little attentive to the explanations of the teachers".

What do I do if my child has salmonellosis and took the withdrawn milk?

Parents of children who have consumed cans of lot 236 of Blemil Plus 1 milk and are affected by salmonellosis believe that they are not receiving a clear message from the authorities on how they should act. It is not surprising that we are already in the press with the news that the parents of a baby affected by salmonellosis have denounced the Ordesa laboratories, producers of the suspect batch of Blemil Plus 1.

A hotel rewards couples who conceive during their stay

In times of crisis the heads of specialists in sales strategies do not stop thinking about things to offer potential customers to increase sales. The people in charge of a luxury hotel have come up with this idea: they will reward couples who conceive a child during their stay with 200 Euros.

The father of a girl victim of bullying explains in a video who are the culprits

What can the father of an 11-year-old girl do when he discovers he is a victim of bullying? What do you do if when you realize all this remember that the son of some friends committed suicide with 13 years, also a victim of bullying? Well, I don't know very well what to answer, but a good way to help your daughter and all the children that are in that situation is by making a video.