Toy nativity scenes

It is undeniable that the nativity scenes cause a great attraction among the little ones. As soon as you assemble it, the handyman will touch the figures directly. It is a magnet for young children, especially if they are in the stage of crawling, exploring, discovering and playing.

Of course they are not aware of the symbolism represented by that bunch of characters, but they see it as a very tempting toy. For them it is rather "How lucky that dad and mom have put these dolls to play". In many houses with young children, the nativity scene is renounced precisely because it prevents it from breaking apart, so toy nativity scenes They are an ingenious alternative.

I will teach you four models of nativity scenes, the ones I liked the most, with which you can play.

The Playmobil is a classic, although it is not recommended if there are children under 4 years old at home because of the risk of swallowing a small piece.

It can be complemented with the Magi kit

The Little People is beautiful and ideal for young children

Imaginarium's are finger puppets of quilted fabric. The portal opens and closes with velcro just like the star that sticks and takes off.

Finally, a very beautiful wooden birth of Kinuma with the holy family, the stable and the animals.