The Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Palma celebrates San Juan 2012 with an Open Day

Once again the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Palma de Mallorca invites us to celebrate St. John's Day with a Open House for the whole family. The four years that have passed since I was with my children have passed like a sigh, but I remember perfectly the workshops in which we participated and the shows we witnessed, all based on the 'circus world'.

The activities are aimed at people of all ages and are free, having a playful and educational character at the same time. Banderolas, symbols, orchard and ecological and rondallas, are the conductive threads of a day that promises joy, fun and a good dose of entertainment for children and adults. So at the headquarters of this Foundation, and from 11 to 14 hours they wait for you:

  • Having smiles, it is intended to create positive messages in the form of banners, and collapse them in the gardens of the place.

  • I like it, I'm missing, I'm left over, adhesive symbols will be given to attendees to express their satisfaction with the elements of the Foundation

  • I am made a work of art!, inventing with the body one of Joan Miró's works (or inventing a new one) can be a very creative experience.

  • My plantsIt is possible to invent fantastic plants and plant them in the organic garden.

  • I will already send you a postcardAnd how about painting a postcard after the experience?

  • Contant Rondalletes (By Joan Bibiloni), it is a literary, musical and visual show created from the reading and interpretation of the Rondalles de Mossèn Antoni M. Alcover on its 150th anniversary. This activity will take place in the auditorium with two performances at 11.30 and 13 hours respectively.

You already know that if you live in Palma and you don't know what to do tomorrow, at the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation you have nice spaces and activities designed for you, to which it is not necessary to register.