Maybe the change of educational model should rely on tools like Knewton, do you want to meet her?

They talk to us from Pajama Surf about Knewton, an app that can renew the traditional pedagogical model, as part of the individual learning needs, and adapts its progress at a personalized pace.

This project has been driven by technology entrepreneur José Ferreira, who states that 'the industrial educational model constitutes in itself a huge bureaucracy'. The creators of Knewton start from the idea that in about 10 years, textbooks in paper format may have gone down in history. Therefore, schools must have technological resources, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills of students may depend on a greater or lesser investment.

Through technological devices, Knewton 'would have accessible information to users', because although knowing everything is very difficult, with the appropriate tools students can have all the information they need.

It seems that the expectations placed in Knewton bear fruit, because they have closed a deal with three important textbook publishers

The United States is the country where this application has been developed, many students have worked the program of mathematical preparation, and have become more effective in solving problems, while they have acquired critical thinking. In the schools where it has worked, the approval rates have increased, and dropouts have been reduced.

Of course, this innovation can change education in those countries or entities that decide to use it, although on the other hand it is likely to accentuate the inequity in access to educational resources, due to poor investments in technological tools.

The company has been recognized as a technological pioneer by the Davos Economic Forum, and we are sure that it will change the way many understand knowledge and learning.

As a curiosity, comment that Ferreira's past at school was frustrating, since (like thousands of children), he got bored in classHe avoided homework, and instead felt a motivation to learn unrequited by his teachers.

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