How funny is it to make a hidden camera joke with a baby that falls into the water?

It is becoming viral, because almost a million and a half people have already seen it. This is a hidden camera joke in which the protagonists are a father with his baby, who goes in a stroller and who want to take a picture. The baby falls into the water to the disgust of strangers and this, it seems, is fun.

The video is the work of the Whatever people, of which I have already seen videos on other occasions because sometimes it has a certain grace or they generate curiosity (this video in which a boy asks several girls if they want to be his Valentina, in the day of those in love, it is very good), but in which I show you today I can't stop wondering: How funny is it to make a hidden camera joke with a baby that falls into the water?

They must not have children

The scene of the falling baby is repeated several times and, honestly, I feel more grief and concern for the reaction of people who sympathy or desire to laugh at the joke. It is even to be admired that a boy with an orthopedic prosthesis is about to take it off to jump into the water for the fake baby, while his father is not able to move.

I do not know, maybe I am becoming a scallion grandfather over the years (and that I am still far from being a grandfather) and my mood is getting sour, but for those of us who are parents and live pending that things like that do not never happen to our children, seeing it in a humorous way grinds us. I guess the one who had the great idea of ​​joking has no children, because if not, I do not understand.

It's not the first time

The fact is that to my surprise, when I take a look at other videos of these authors, I realize that it's not the first time they use a baby to make a joke. A couple of months ago they tied some balloons to a doll and when the father got confused the balloons flew out with the baby tied. You can see it below:

Do you see the grace where I do not see it? Am I losing the little sense of humor that I have left? I do not know, is that this laughing at babies, even when they are fake babies, I get a little crazy, really.

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