The best posts about pregnancy of 2015

The end of the year has come and it is time to take stock, to rescue the best posts we have posted on the blog over the last twelve months. As we usually do in December, we will make a compilation of the best content divided by all categories that we play on the blog.

First, it is the turn of the Pregnancy, so we look back to offer you the 10 best posts about pregnancy of 2015.

She was told that she should have an abortion because the cancer was very advanced and she decided to listen to her baby to make the decision.

The story of the model Elizaveta Bulokhova has moved us. They gave him the terrible news that he was suffering from a cancer that affected practically the entire lower jaw and that it should be treated as soon as possible, for which he would have to abort the baby, since chemotherapy was totally incompatible with pregnancy. But he decided to move on, take a chance, let it be what it had to be, but put your baby ahead. Know his story.

How to know if you are pregnant: the symptoms

When pregnancy occurs the woman's body is revolutionized due to the action of hormones and important changes appear at all levels. We tell you what are the first symptoms that you are pregnant.

How to know if it will be a boy or a girl?

There are precise and other ways based on popular wisdom that have been passed from generation to generation. We talk about the scientific and non-scientific methods to predict the sex of the baby in pregnancy. From the Mayan table, the Chinese calendar or the shape of the belly, without any scientific basis to the blood test, ultrasound or amniocentesis.

Ectopic pregnancy: how to detect the first alarm signals

Ectopic or extrauterine pregnancy is one that occurs outside the uterus, which is rarely viable, almost never, being a frequent cause of gestational loss during the first trimester. We have talked in depth about risk factors and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.

Pregnancy week by week: from conception to birth

It is a fascinating tour of the gestation of the human being week by week, from the moment of conception until the day of birth, from week 0 to 40 of pregnancy. We explain how your baby grows and the changes that occur in the mother's body in detail throughout each week of pregnancy.

What are your fertile days?

When planning a pregnancy it is essential to learn to recognize your period of maximum fertility, so we have taught you to identify your fertile days to achieve pregnancy. We explain the menstrual cycle, the signs of ovulation and everything you need to consider to get pregnant.

Dream that you are pregnant (without being)

Within the strange dreams, of those that when you wake up you say "why would I have dreamed this?" is that of dream that you are pregnant without really being. Because if you are and you know it, it may be common to happen, but if you are not, what is it like to dream of a pregnancy?

"Get up for a pregnant woman." New campaign of respect for pregnant women

A great campaign that has left us in 2015. "Get up for a pregnant woman, give your seat to someone who carries something more important" shows us that we still do not pay the respect that others deserve.

This is how the baby is formed inside the womb: animated graphic

We share with you a great animated graphic about the formation of the baby inside the womb. In it you can see the different phases of human development from fertilization until birth. In the first weeks we can see in detail the three embryonic layers that will give rise to the different tissues and organs of the baby's body.

The "hilarious" illustrations of a mother about pregnancy and motherhood

Finally, a touch of humor. The illustrator and animator Line Severinsen is the author of these funny vignettes that show the most comic part of pregnancy and motherhoodDo you feel identified?

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