The Nippur Notebook, the book that a mother wrote to her son before she died

The Nippur Notebook It began as a letter written by María Vázquez, an Argentine mother, when she was diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to leave a legacy to his three-year-old son Nippur, and on paper he expressed everything he was going through. But he did not write with the intention of being published, it was his best gift for his son.

Today it has become a bestseller that everyone talks about because it is much more than a children's book, it's a story about life, love and death. It is a life story full of emotion and sensitivity from the experience itself.

Maria wrote this notebook by hand to express her feelings about illness, family, sadness, small moments, there she shares the emotions of everyday life and reflects on the love for her son, that although she will not be there to see him grow, It will remain forever.

Two friends of Maria read the notebook while she was entering towards the end of her illness and had the idea of ​​presenting it in editorials, to which Maria gladly accepted. After his death, the dream came true.

It is a very special book that will arrive in Spain in April by the hand of Editorial Planeta, and that leaves us little pearls like this:

Mom loves you with her heart like the pig to her pigs. No, lie, infinite red dot, to the sky round trip and more. It is a love that lasts forever, like water, fire, earth and air. And even if my mother is not there, that love will be the same forever, always, always, always, always.

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