Tired of the pressure to be parents, they took a photo session with their baby: a burrito!

As soon as a couple marries or starts a life together, questions about when will they have children. It does not fail, as if for everyone the goal of his life was to be parents. Some will want to be, sooner or later, and others never. It is a matter of each couple and how they wish to live their life together. There are comments that are very unpleasant, in the first place because it is not the business of others and because although there may be no bad intention, there are couples who may have been trying for a long time without getting it.

Tired of pressure to be parents, MK Paulsen and Ella Gale, a couple of comedians from Austin (United States) decided to become a photo shoot with a burrito wrapped in foil as if it were your newborn baby.

It is clearly a parody, and they are not the only ones who have done it. Some time ago we introduced you to a couple who, tired of the same questions, had a baby photo session with their dog and the result was most funny.

There are those who find it absurd, but they just laugh at it. How absurd it is for people to ask you the awkward question, when are you going to get pregnant? When is the baby? Well, for now, the burrito has arrived. With good weight, by the way.

The funny photos were taken by a friend of the couple, photographer Erin Holsonback, who joined this crazy occurrence. The session was titled "Burrito Makes Three" ("With the burrito we are three") and recreates the moment of full happiness of a couple before the arrival of a new family member.

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