New mother? These are the keys to choosing your baby's clothes well

One of the most frequent doubts among first-time mothers and fathers, it concerns the baby clothes. Knowing what clothes are most suitable for your delicate skin and how you have to take care of them is usually a headache.

But do not panic, as it is easier than it seems: you just have to follow some simple tips and incorporate them into the usual routine. Let's review some guidelines to choose baby clothes well, taking into account the most respectful tissues with your skin; how and when to wash it and tricks to eliminate difficult stains.

Baby's dermis

That the clothes of the babies must be treated with maximum care is not something casual. The skin of newborns is very delicate. Its dermis is very thin and vulnerable and does not have as many layers of protection as that of adults.

If, in addition, we add that more and more children have dermatological problemsLike atopic skin or different allergies, pampering your skin with products specially designed for them is essential for their protection. This includes everything from the hygiene products we use, to the clothes or soaps with which we wash it.

Choose natural fabrics

To protect your skin, choose natural fabrics of fibers of vegetable origin such as cotton, linen or hemp, because they are, in addition to delicate, comfortable, fresh and breathable. Look closely at the label and look for those that are 100% natural, since sometimes they are mixed with synthetic fibers, such as polyester or lycra.

When you buy clothes for your baby, choose natural fabrics, such as 100% cotton, linen or hemp

These tissues are easy to care for and very resistant to washing, something that will allow us to use them longer if we take care of them properly. Of course, before difficult stains should act as soon as possible, since the porosity of the fibers makes them absorb the spots more quickly.

Another point in favor of this type of fabrics is that you can use them all year, since they regulate body temperature very well. In summer, they are fresh and lightwhile in winter insulate from the cold If we put several layers. But be careful, because sometimes we tend to warm babies too much and that is not recommended. You can dress the baby as you dress, with the same amount of clothes, or at most one more layer.

Comfort is the key

Babies' clothes must be comfortable So they can move freely. Avoid those clothes that contain accessories that could hurt them skin or annoy them, such as buttons, flaps, large ornaments, zippers ...

Search designs elastic, if possible with rubber at the waist, so that your baby is comfortable and it is also practical for you to undress him. Run away from tight shirts, impossible dresses and jeans. Your baby can go fashion with more comfortable clothes!

As for the essential garments, the baby's closet should have bodies, preferably crossed because they are much more comfortable to put on and take off, leggings (i.e. pants with built-in socks) and thin shirts (that are easy to fasten). For the summer months, with these pieces and a jacket in case it cools, it will be enough. For the colder months, we must also have a sweater or sweatshirt, also thinking of looking for those models that are easy when it comes to dressing the little ones.

New clothes, to the washing machine

The new clothes it seems impolute, so clean and ironed. Well, the reality is that since it is manufactured, sometimes millions of kilometers away, until we buy it, the clothes go around a lot and go through too many hands. During its manufacture, transport, in the store ... That is why we must wash it before using it, especially that of babies.

Always wash your clothes before using. Use a neutral soap and forget about adding softener

Before doing so it is advisable to take advantage to cut all labels that can brush the baby's skin. During the first months of life, you should try to wash the baby's clothes in a separate laundry, separated from the rest of the family's clothes. In this way, you will avoid coming into contact with particles and external agents that may remain in your clothes.

Take care of clothes, wash after wash

For the clothes to last as long as possible, it must be washed following the manufacturer recommendations. Therefore, it is very important that you read the garment labels. Choose the maximum temperature that you allow to ensure a thorough cleaning.

In the baby wash, use little aggressive products, such as a neutral or hypoallergenic soap that is suitable for sensitive skin. Do not add fabric softener, as this is normally incorporated into the laundry in a wash cycle after rinsing, so there may be remains that, in contact with the baby's skin, could irritate you.

Make sure the clothes are very dry. If you have a dryer, do not hesitate. With a deep drying you will prevent the clothes from getting wet and the bacteria proliferate. In any case, try to dry your clothes as soon as possible after finishing the laundry. Whirlpool washing machines incorporate the FreshCare technology. Thanks to the combination of the use of steam, to prevent bacteria from proliferating, and of drum movements Slow and intermittent, guarantee the elimination of fungi and bad odors after the washing cycle if you forget the clothes inside the drum.

Difficult stains, at bay

With your clothes, the fewer products you use, the better. To eliminate the dreaded difficult stains The key is to pre-treat them as soon as possible. Prevents stains from drying out, applying neutral soap on top and letting it act for a while before putting it in the washing machine. If it does not disappear, before machine washing, rub the stain using a brush. Its bristles will help you remove dirt embedded between the fibers.

Machine wash, selecting the most suitable program for each garment

If you use a stain remover for dirt that resists, make sure that you eliminate all waste after rinsing the garment. To do this, choose to do the machine wash. Thus, in addition to avoiding possible allergies and irritations of the baby's skin due to insufficient rinsing, you will save time on household chores.

Also, from your clothes, don't forget other garments that should be washed frequently, such as stuffed animals, bedspreads, blankets, towels... These are elements that we sometimes overlook that we must also wash often.

To wash the baby's clothes, as well as that of the whole family, those washing machines that have washing programs specific. The Whirlpool range of washing machines has different programs for each type of fabric, as is the case for the program for delicate clothes, in which it is recommended to wash clothes upside down, or a specific one for bedding and towels, which allows deep cleaning optimizing time and energy, to cite some of the most necessary when there are babies at home.

As you can see, to wash and take care of your baby's clothes you have to take some considerations into account. At first it may seem very complex, but it is only about incorporating these new habits into the day to day protect your delicate skin and also ensure that your clothes look clean and in good condition for longer.


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