Are working mothers guilty?

I don't know how things will be during the next quarter of a century, nor what my daughters' lives will be like, but I know that at the beginning of the second millennium we are in a moment of transition, at least most of the adults. The traditional concept of family is no longer valid for a large part of households. Nowadays, distributed among our children and our professional lives, most women have a hard time combining both worlds, family and work.

The mothers of my generation were educated in the idea that a perfect mother should be sweet, affectionate, caring, self-sacrificing and patient. This prejudice, which no longer responds to our wishes, or to our needs or aspirations, causes us to end up feeling guilty for almost everything.

In the book "Are working mothers guilty?”, The author, Sylviane Giampino, invites us to reflect on a variety of topics and facets of working mothers, from the profession proper to the needs of the child and the ways to respond to them, deepening the concept of“ masked guilt "induced by the environment, which disrupts the bond with children, life as a couple and professional activity.

A work with theoretical support, of pleasant reading and extremely reassuring.

XXI Century Editorial | 232 pages | ISBN 9682324033

Video: Dealing With Working Mom Guilt (February 2020).