Carmen Bousada dies, the woman who gave birth to twins with 67 years

Almost three years ago Babies and more echoed a story that said a 67-year-old woman had given birth to twins. Now that woman, by name Carmen Bousada, it is news again since passed away a few days ago because of cancer

This woman became the oldest midwife in the world when she underwent fertility treatment where she lied about her age (she said she was 55 years old, the age limit for undergoing treatment).

She gave birth to twins and, when her true age became public, was widely criticized, especially for selfish. She, however, stated in an interview that her mother had lived 101 years and that there was no reason for her not to do the same.

Now Carmen leave his two children, two and a half years old (they were born on December 29, 2006), orphans, since he had no partner.

The truth is that every time a story is published about a future or new elderly mother, controversy arises about the future that her children will have.

She defended her position by stating that "Maybe things should not have been done in a certain way, but that was the only way to achieve what I have always dreamed and I did".

This news could be a “See? This had to happen sooner or later, ”but it does not have to be, since unfortunately cancer is a disease that does not know ages, or twins, or orphans (although it is also true that the older, more likely of death for whatever cause).

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