A 17 year old baby

Brooke Greenberg is in full adolescence, but it measures 75 centimeters and her smile still discovers her milk teeth. He has lived more than fifteen years, but does not speak and still change his diapers. It's a 17 year old baby, as we can see in the photo above with one of his “younger” sisters.

What many parents would like, that our children were forever babies, has become a disturbing reality for the parents of little Brooke. How many times will we have said that about "Why won't they stay like this forever?". Well, in this girl it has happened, it has been frozen in time.

He suffers from a genetic alteration that makes his physical appearance and development that of a baby despite having turned 17 years old.

In its DNA sequence is the key to why it does not age, and therefore how we age. American scientists are investigating Brooke's genome to try to find the mechanisms involved in the human aging process.

Although the fact is unusual, Brooke does not suffer having to live a life in which her chronological age does not correspond to her physical appearance, because she does not find out about it. But the really sad thing is that the baby's health is also affected. At his age he has already suffered strokes, seizures, ulcers and respiratory difficulties, uncommon conditions for a teenager.

It is not known how the future will be for this young baby. It reminds me of a movie that I loved, but the other way around, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” starring Brad Pitt in which the baby is born old and gets younger and younger as the years go by. Once more reality exceeds fiction.

The remarkable thing about Brooke's case is what scientists intend to find in their genes that prevent him from getting old: "see exactly what they do and how to control it." I am especially afraid of the latter, since it would mean discovering the keys to a great panacea: eternal youth.

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