Dads and moms blogs (XLIII)

Today, like every Tuesday, we bring you a review with some Featured content that we have been able to read this week on moms and dads blogs, in a tour of other looks and experiences with babies and children.

In Keep growing These days we found a topic that I personally love and that I try to move from time to time in the blog. This is the children's game, traditional and popular games, their importance in our development ... providing a couple of interesting articles about it.

Of moms and dads It stops on a subject that we often discuss in our blog, educating without pasting. A journey through different visions in this regard, the normality with which physical punishment is still seen in our environment and the evidence that discourage this abuse.

Are you one of those who razed half a childcare store when preparing the arrival of the baby? Happily tied Tell us in Shopping? how difficult it is to shop for the baby without being carried away by the excitement of the moment, and lists a series of absurd purchases, of those items that have just been forgotten and unused. Some are familiar to me ...

Flirtatious mom It is the blog of a mother who shares both the concerns of motherhood and her "cosmetic-aesthetic whims", and these days she tells us with humor how from one day to the next she saw a baby in her arms without knowing very well how to interact. Although ideas come quickly to stimulate the baby and have fun together.

If there is an image that has caught my attention in the posts read lately, it is certainly this. Marsupina, mother kangaroo, shows us a beautiful photo that will be part of the 2011 calendar of the Kangaroo Network. A beautiful, warm and tender image that hides an emotional story and that has somehow been transmitted to photography.

In How not to be a drama mom We find fun reflections on the advice of our mothers and their influence on our way of being, with reflections on whether or not to follow those advice in our task as mothers now. With Your room is sleeve by shoulder we find a fun review for the mess of our children's room ... and of our house.

My mom is a speech therapist It is a blog with "Articles and reflections on speech therapy, education and child development ... with some own brushstroke". These days he claims the palms games for boys and girls, with some popular songs. So we can continue with that beautiful game beyond when they are babies ...

Finally we have the blog for saving families, I arrive at the end of the month, which this time gives us ideas to disguise children at Christmas. Is there a date when you don't feel like having fun with a costume?

Hopefully this review has been interesting for you. Next week we will continue visiting Dads and moms blogs to offer you a compilation of what most attracts our attention in the blogosphere dedicated to the little ones in the house.