Tempaper by you, a paper to paint on the walls

Our Decoesfera companions show us a novelty in wall decoration, an original option to decorate the children's room or any other corner of the house.

Tempaper by you It is a smooth self-adhesive paper that allows us paint on the walls. We can decorate it with markers, tempera, crayons, watercolors or whatever we want, since it admits any material, and thus show off a work of art made by us or by the children, or by both.

It can be placed on a wall of the children's room to make a mural, or if you prefer, place it from the middle down, so that it is more at your height.

The interesting thing is that if you get tired of the drawing, the paper can be removed and placed on another wall. Instead, it can be painted with plain paint or put another paper with a standard print in place.

It is still a curious way to decorate the walls of the children's room. I know mothers with artistic gifts who would like to draw a picture on the walls themselves but don't dare.

With solutions like Tempaper by you We can take a chance. It is also a fun option for children. So you can take the famous saying of land “Prohibited to paint on the walls”. Only we run the risk of wanting to do it on all the walls of the house ...