Dads and moms blogs (LXXXIX)

Today, as every week, we review the most interesting thing that has been read in some of the moms and dads blogs We can find on the net.

We start with I mother, I'm more than a mom, where we could read a funny dialogue between Estanjana, the author of the blog and Estanjanito, her son. Between half laughs and sly smiles his son explained to him a few days ago that he already has a girlfriend and that the two do what the bride and groom do.

In Minerva and her world, this mother explains to us that in Argentina they plan to ban home births assisted by midwives, something to which she responds with a blunt: I choose Where, How and with whom to give birth. Reading the title one might think that it is very clear that it will give birth at home, if it has not already done so, but the reality is not that. This is a mother who simply declares that she does not want women to lose their freedom when choosing freely how they want her birth to be.

In Ebayers, blog "cousin-brother" to ours, it is also Weblogs, they have made a Halloween special with costumes for the whole family and this week they have offered us several ideas for girl costumes.

In Looking for you, this future mother tells us that she is already in the 23rd week of gestation, almost in the six months, and tells us what her feelings are inside the belly and what the novelties are outside. You already have the stroller and the bathtub and keep turning to other related matters.

In the Mom cow, LadyA has told us the quantum of the Sleeping Tit, which begins with "Once upon a time, it was you, a young Tit who lived between WonderBra fillings and ...", continues with everything that the Sleeping Tit has lived and ends up explaining that, for a while now, the tit has recovered the night's sleep, because the boy who sucked from her now only does it during the day.

In Loulou and co, this mother has shown us a piece of Loulou's diary, her little one, that tells in first person one of her mother's last episodes: her nociadiction, also called the nocilla effect. It seems that this mother has some problems with work and the Nocilla seems to be one of the drowning ones she hardly resorts to. Hopefully the mood returns to the family of Loulou.

In Me and "my mini-yos" We have been able to read a funny entry from this mother who intended to live a few experiences in the park near her home, that which is reached in 5 minutes without children and in 20 minutes with children, but it was a surprise that the park of Your town is particular.

To finish we have gone through Mikkoriumaplv, a blog dedicated to Cow's Milk Protein Allergy created by the mother of a child suffering from this allergy. This mother has told us that her son's next revision is approaching, in which they could tell her that the allergy has subsided or, simply, that everything remains the same. That is why he explains to us what his hopes are and what his worries about such an event.

I take this opportunity to remind you that if you have any Blog in which you talk about your children or things related to motherhood and babies, you can tell us in the comments for us to read and comment on.

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