The passage of the Gois (Passage du Gois) to access the island of Noirmoutier is a path full of attractions for families

Children will be fascinated by Passage of Gois (passage du Gois) because it is a concrete road that is more than four kilometers long with the characteristic that It is only practicable when the tide is low. This road connects the continent with the island of Noirmoutier, which we will talk about soon, a couple of times a day, when the tide drops in a similar way as shown in the video, which reduces the three hours of descent in one minute.

El Paso del Gois is very famous because it has witnessed some stages of the Tour de France. It happened for the first time in 1993, one of the five tours won by Indurain, although the most famous is that of 1999, which was the first one won Lance Armstrong to Alex Zülle with more than six minutes advantage. Those minutes are the same that the Swiss lost when he fell in the second stage of the Tour, on that road of Gois. And the images, which can be seen in RTVE show a platoon fallen between stones, shells, seaweed and a lot of sea flavor. The year 2011 also passed the cyclists and took the opportunity to celebrate a party in honor of the French area of ​​Vendee. And it is that the Gois is a road that makes when the waters go away and the road emerges and the sand is possible to perform many activities that children can have fun.

When the low tide is a perfect time to cross the four kilometers, for example, by bicycle although some brave may dare to walk the road running In fact you can watch some YouTube video of people running, playing sports, while the tide does not stop rising. In any case, the simplest thing is to go by car because the road is wide and there is room for both directions. And if the thing gets very ugly, you can see that there are some towers that can be accessed to dodge the rise of the tide and the option of drowning. Apparently every year there is a scare because many people are late to be safe.

And the other option is to spend a few hours with the kids searching and collecting mollusks that remain in sight when the tide is removed. There is a great tradition in families to go looking for live shells which can then be eaten at home great and you can also save the shells obtained to get a good children's collection. The boots worn by children have to be rubber and well adjusted because the feet sink to the ankles and the humidity is total.

And another option is to enjoy the beautiful views that you have from the road. With that level of the sea it is possible to look towards the continent or towards the island and play with the optical effect that it seems that one is walking on the waters. The picture shows the Noirmoutier Church and its imposing castle.

Soon I will also talk about the island of Noirmoutier because its attractive contrast between lush forests, huge flats of fine sand, paths for cycling and canals for boat travel, are a extraordinary tourist claim for all families.

Important note: I have been invited to Noirmoutier by West France that promotes three regions of western France (Poitou-Charentes, Pays de la Loire and Brittany) in Spain.

Video: Crazy Road in the World - Le Passage Du Gois Road, France. Disappearng Road (February 2020).