The Olympic spirit in the cinema with the movie Carros de Fuego (Chariots of fire) to celebrate the XXX Olympic Games 2012

They have just started XXX 2012 Olympic Games held in London. We return to watch television full of sporting events with a lot of athletes from all countries chasing an Olympic dream in the form of a medal and eternal glory. Among the most media and most impressive sports to watch on television are, and sex does not matter because everyone competes the same, gymnastics, athletics and swimming.

My first memories of the Olympics on television are from 1980, some games that were held in Moscow, the XXII, and in which a Chinese gymnast who left us stuck to the whole family in front of the television, probably the house of the grandmother where we spent the summer holidays and on a black and white television. The only one there was. Li-Ning was the gymnast's name and with 19 years he won four individual world golds. I think that for some time he has been making sportswear for athletes.

In the cinema there are some films that illustrate the olympic spirit with sacrifice, heroism and overcoming as values ​​to achieve and realize. One of the most famous is Carros de Fuego (Chariots of fire) of 1981, it is part of those 80s where Spain began to change significantly.

The movie, I just reviewed it because I barely remembered it, says the history of the Olympic team of England in their participation in the VIII Olympic Games of 1924 that were celebrated in France. Carros de Fuego has a war movie structure with troop preparation, harangues (the images of the Americans training are spectacular), rival analysis and finally the final battle. The races on the ash courts are exciting and the spirit that moved these athletes to the competition is very well transmitted. The atmosphere is exquisite and the costumes, especially for women full of glamor and appeal, are very elegant. In addition the appearance of the Prince of Wales, other noble characters and especially how the choice between competing for God or for the King is treated means that the film does not have a sport-only dimension.

Our children will be able to see the images of the London 2012 Olympic Games on flat screens, some in 3D, they can see what is happening in real time through social networks and the Internet. They will be able to access the information of the athletes, their biography, their successes. They will even know the premiums they charge for winning a medal. They even saw Rowan Atkinson parody the initial and final scene of Chariots of Fire illustrated in the article. Although I think that what will remain in his memory is the image of an athlete competing and achieving his dreams. Over time you will discover more things that I don't believe now that you understand or have to know.

I wish the greatest success to the Spanish athletes who compete and enjoy. I hope everyone achieves their dreams. And if they don't get it, then in four years they will have a new opportunity.