Min, the Egyptian god of fertility

Sometimes we have talked about goddesses of fertility, and this attribute is traditionally highlighted in women. But men also have a lot to say about it, and also There are some male fertility gods, such as the Egyptian Min or Menu.

This god is always represented itifálico, that is, with the penis in erection. It is a very old deity, whose cult dates back to the Egyptian predinastic era and whose attributes were subsequently assimilated by Amón-Ra.

The cult of Min was one of the most durable and widespread, being popular in all of Egypt in all periods, with various parties in his honor. During the New Kingdom it was very popular, celebrating in his honor orgiastic parties on the 28th of the month of Mesore.

Min was a lunar god related to the Egyptian calendar: he was the god of the month of Tybi. The last day of the lunar month was devoted to him.

He was also a divinity of vegetation and a god of rain, and that is why his image was taken from the fields at certain times. Lettuce was the sacred plant of Min for its supposed aphrodisiac properties.

He was protector of roads, merchants and miners, and ultimately it represented the generating force of nature in Egyptian mythology.

As in the case of the goddesses of fertility, it was associated with abundance and therefore linked to royalty. He received several appeals, such as "Chief of the Sky", "Opener of the clouds", "Guardian of the roads", "Protector of the Moon" ... He was also called "bull of his mother", as fertilizer of the goddess-sky.

The current Ajmin is the city where he was worshiped, which the Greeks called Ipu or Jent-Min. He was also revered in Jemnis and Copts, where he was depicted in the form of a white bull (Tep Hesepet) during the New Kingdom.

Apart from the most prominent feature of the god of fertility Min, a long erect penis, in the iconography he was represented as a man of black or green skin, on a pedestal, wearing a crown of two long feathers and scourge. Sometimes as a black bull, or a lion.

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