The Kumon network of schools recommends the motivation to recover the school routine

After the long summer vacations it is very easy for children to have forgotten the routines they had during the last school year, making the incorporation to classes and schedules difficult for both children and parents. Since Kumon, the network of teaching centers where math and reading programs are taught designed to achieve maximum student performance, recommend motivation as a key element to help children start a new course and join the school routine.

Parents must create that motivation in our children so that the return to school is attractive, with positive and simple stimuli for them. From Kumon they explain that parents can work on offering safety, self-esteem and self-control to children and also do motivational activities. With motivation you can activate and energize the behavior, direct and regulate it by ensuring that the children are tenacious and can achieve the objective set.

To get the child to be motivated in the return to school It is essential to maintain a positive attitude at home, not to talk about laziness or difficulties, to enhance the positive aspects of joining a new course such as seeing classmates again, telling about summer experiences, meeting new teachers, maintaining the illusion to learn, etc.

It's also good remember the achievements that have been achieved in the past year, as well as all the new things that have been learned. It is very enriching to stimulate the imagination for the new things that this course can learn and ask them to set the goal of learning something new every day.

Y we can start applying routine, because although the holidays are not over yet, it is worth remembering the new challenges, the organization, the schedule, the study space, the books, the backpack, etc. And also a little study, for example, spend time reading and doing mathematical exercises, to stimulate attention and concentration before starting school.

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