Is a dangerous candy overdose possible?

Feeding on sweets, cakes and all kinds of sweets is the dream of every child and most adults. But what would happen if we made it happen?Is a dangerous candy overdose possible?

Halloween has passed, and although it is still a very recent party for us, more than one will have been made with a good reserve of sweets or perhaps we have miscalculated the number of child visits that would knock at our door and now we do not know if to mount a small kiosk or sign up for all the baptisms of the neighborhood parish.

What happens if we feed exclusively on treats?

Well according James Ruff, a postdoctoral researcher in the University of Utah, one or two days would be enough for an adult, will begin to find really bad.

"You are going to have a huge increase in energy, followed by the characteristic drop in sugar once your body releases insulin and your blood sugar stores go down." Comment the doctor.

According to nutritionist Linda Benjamin Bobroff from the University of Florida, fortunately the body will begin to vomit the stomach treats, what we know here as "empacho", before reaching a shock, so if we stop once the vomit arrives there would be no danger.

Factors that can speed up the process

LicoriceIf we eat treats made from licorice root extract and not similar aniseed, you could send us to the hospital. As the American agency for the control of FDA food warns, an excess of black licorice can cause arrhythmias, and an irregular heartbeat. This extract contains a compound called glycyrrhizin that can decrease potassium levels in the body, which is a regulator of heartbeat. Therefore, the FDA recommends not eating more than 60 grams (two ounces) a day of this licorice for several days or if arrhythmias are noted. We have not found the doses for a child and studies have been done on adults over 40 but the FDA recommends not abusing licorice regardless of age.

Sorbitol, present in most candies and sugar-free drinks. An overdose of this substance can cause diarrhea, in fact at this time the overdose of sorbitol is known as "Halloween diarrhea."

It is clear that eating a few sweets and chocolates in one night will not take us to the hospital, at least with nothing greater than diarrhea or severe stomach pain, but What would happen if we went crazy eating sweets nonstop for weeks? The first thing to consider would be cavities, then we would experience the nutritional equivalent of eating a diet low in protein, vitamins and fiber that we normally take in our normal diet. But, according to the researchers, the worst would be the long-term health consequences due to the ingestion of sugar.

Well, now we know if Overdose of candies is possible.

Video: Candy Overdose? FDA Issues Warning On Black Licorice Dangers (February 2020).