The Mayan bee will premiere its animated film in September 2014

The Mayan Bee It is a success of the television of the EGB generation, and for a long time it is also of the generation of the elementary school children although now it has a 3D animation very apparent The most beloved bee for children around the world now opens on the big screen with a movie directed by Alex Stadermann, animation film expert who has worked in the teams of Ga'Hoole The Legend of the Guardians or Peter Pan on the return to Neverland. The Maya bee, the movie, is one of the most important animation projects of the year, with a budget of 18 million dollars and made in stereoscopic 3D.

In this movie the curious and funny bee will be involved in thrilling situations helped by her friend Willy, the wise and smiling Flip Grasshopper, to whom new characters like the clueless Crawley, the bossy Buzzlina or the energetic Sting wasp are added. And there is no shortage of ants, sensationally represented as an organized and foresight army, and seen in the image below. This is the movie trailer:

The Mayan bee combines fun and adventures for the whole family and reflects with humor the importance of friendship, freedom and courage through the adventures of this famous group of endearing insects.

The film presents Maya, a very hilarious bee that does not follow the rules of the hive, including not trusting the wasps that live beyond the prairie. When the royal jelly disappears, the wasps are the main suspects and the bees point to Maya as an accomplice to the robbery. None of her companions believe in her innocence and Willy, his best friend, will be his only support.

Together they will embark on a long journey full of adventures to the hive of wasps to find the real culprit. Thanks to Maya and Willy, the friendship between all the residents of the opulent meadow will finally reign.